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Established in January 1993, U&K Rent a Car is the largest local car hire (rent a car) company with its head office in Bourgas, Bulgaria

Fuel Card

Fuel cards from U&K rent a car

The UTA fuel cards, offered by U&K are particularly suitable for international trips and long-term vehicle rental by companies - minimum 3 months.

When you choose Mini Lease or Operational leasing from U&K rent a car you can benefit from many advantages. The UTA fuel cards are special service, which allows you to charge fuel in more than 44,000 different branded petrol stations in 37 European countries.

The most important advantages which can be listed are:

  • Use of our trade discount on the purchase of fuel.
  • No cash needed to buy fuel or other supplies at the petrol stations.
  • Simplified accounting process of fuel and supplies.
  • There is no need to collect each time the receipt for fuel, as it will be added to your rental at the end of the month.
  • Easy to use and high level of protection against abuse and manipulation.
  • The personal PIN code protects in case of loss or theft.
  • We can set a desired card limit in case this is a requirement for you.
  • Upon request, record the mileage each time the vehicle is charging.
  • The daily limited cannot be exceeded.
  • The limit set exercises control.

When using a fuel cards, there are no worries whether you have enough cash to fuel your company vehicle and carry on with working. No need to hold large amount of cash in your office or in any of your employees with company cars. Basically, the fuel cards are close to credit cards that have limits, but are limited to be used for specific products.

If you have any questions, the U&K Rent a Car team will be happy to answer them.





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